What Does "Zombie Hand Productions" Even Mean?

I get asked all of the time, “Why is your shop called Zombie Hand Productions?” The story behind this seemingly odd designation is a bit long but interesting nonetheless.

When my maiden name was still intact and the relationship I had with my now-husband was still in the early months, we decided to buy a house together…off of eBay…in Flint, MI…sight unseen.

I know, I know. Crazy move. Well, NOW I know.

Anyhow, we were in the middle of a terrible neighborhood in a rundown town in a major economic crisis with this house falling down around us and it was incredibly scary to the point of being surreal. Indeed, it was very very real.
It was made very well-known that we were not wanted in the neighborhood. One night, Chaz [my lovely husband] and I were watching a movie with the lights off and the candles lit to save electricity. There was a knock at the door, I got up to answer it and Chaz asked me a question just as I was going open it. I turned to answer him first and just then, there were gunshots.

Chaz and I both fell to the floor and in the process, knocked over the table holding the candles. After the gunshots stopped, we got up from the floor and Chaz held his arms toward me. I thought he was offering me a hug but in fact, began to moan. Confused, I just looked at him, waiting for something to make sense.

He kept moaning and started to shuffle his feet toward me. He held one of his hands out and I noticed candle wax was all over it. “Zombie Hand! Zombie Hand!”

This was his little weird way of bringing the focus off of this very serious situation that just happened to something completely opposite.

A few years later, we were discussing that one crazy night and I decided that if I were to ever start a business or company I would name it after the Zombie Hand incident because no matter what situation arose, at least we weren’t getting shot at.

And that is the meaning of "Zombie Hand Productions"

Bullet hole in our truck which ended up precariously close to the gas tank
Left: The Flint House as it was pictured on eBay when we bought it
Right: The Brutal Truck we had while in Flint

The nuisance notice we received about the house after we had already moved away from Flint for over a year