Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Bug

Being married, I learned you share everything. Living space, food, bills, fun and...sickness. That's probably why it's written into traditional marriage vows. "In sickness and in health". I wonder if too many wives were abandoning sickly husbands or vice versa? Anyhow, that is where I am. Resting and drinking plenty of fluids.

Hope you all are well :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Duties of Marriage

My dear husband is feeling under the weather this morning so my first obligation is taking care of him. And with this, knitting/crocheting/crafting takes a backseat. Is it flu season already?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lemon Gold Short Cowl

I have officially listed my first crocheted accessory! I call it the Lemon Gold Short Cowl [as it is not meant to be worn up over the head] and I'm pleased with its outcome. This is also the debut of the new section in my shop entitled Miso Cute.

This is the first time I've modeled anything as I normally do not create wearables. I'm looking into investing in a mannequin display :)

Today has been pretty mellow here. Chaz and I went to the Ocean Beach Peoples Food Co-op [we love it there!] to pick up some edibles and supplies to make whole wheat organic penne pasta with an onion garlic tomato sauce for dinner tonight. I am very lucky to have a husband that creates delicious vegan eats for us.

Other than that, I've been back on the knitting needles working on a larger cowl as requested by my dear friend Sherry. It's been a very long time since she asked for it [almost 2 years] so I'm finally jumping in and taking the plunge. I don't know why I've shied away from making clothing and accessories for so long. I think learning how to crochet has opened my mind up to the possibilities.

Everyone, I wish you all a wonderful rest of the weekend! Stay safe!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Learning the wonderful new craft of crocheting has displaced me, I must admit. I have been completely engulfed in stitches like the front post double crochet and a whole new world of possibilities has opened up.

But now, it's back to stocking up for the holiday season. I plan on continuing my crochet craftiness all the while keeping my knitting skills sharp.

With that said, keep an eye out for new plushies, pillows and more from Zombie Hand Productions.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Congratulations Are In Order!

The giveaway I sponsored now has a winner! Congratulations to Kelsie who will be receiving her free custom pillow shortly. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who commented, hearted, favorited, liked and followed Zombie Hand Productions because of this contest. I have "met" some awesome people through this giveaway and I hope to sponsor another giveaway soon!

On the Craft Front, a pretty amazing thing happened yesterday: I taught myself to crochet! is FUN! I don't know why it took me so long to give it a go, but now you all know the reason why there was no post yesterday. Barely any activity related to Zombie Hand at all really, but for good reason I like to think.

Now I have some things to attend to as I spent all day yesterday testing out my newly acquired skill :)

Have a Happy Hump Day everyone!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miscellaneous News

Things are pretty quiet here. Well, besides the low-flying airplanes that sound like they're going to hit the roof. But other than that, yeah I'd say things are pretty quiet.

This morning I listed the medium pillow I finished last night. It is a Maguro roll [tuna roll] with Ninjin [carrot] and Tamago [egg]. Go here to see the listing.
Not too much is on the agenda today. Going to the laundry mat is always exciting :) I get a lot of knitting done there actually so all in all, it's a win-win situation. I absolutely adore the smell of fresh laundry. That's my go-to scent for candles. I don't know what it is about that fragrance but I find it comforting in a way. Especially when the clothes are all warm right out of the dryer.

Sometimes, it's the little things that make you the happiest in life.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone! Oh, and don't forget it's the last day for entries to win a FREE pillow through Jaebumfangirl's blog. Click here for details! And the New Filling Contest I'm holding is going on until the last day of the month. Go here to add your suggestions!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Part Of The Cat Is Out Of The Bag!

As posted in the Zombie Hand Productions shop last night, part of the Secret Sushi Project is complete. I've started a line of plushies created using vegan yarn and Eco-fi felt. The felt is a material made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles! The series will include the "topping" made from the Eco-fi felt with hand-stitched detailing and stuffed with polyfil. The "rice" and "nori" are both knitted and then all components are assembled and lovingly sewed together.

A real piece of Tako Nigiri Sushi

My crafty vegan plushie take on Tako

The first four pieces are all Nigiri Sushi [literally 'hand-formed sushi'] consisting of a mound of sushi rice and then draped with a topping. Toppings are bound to the rice with a thin strip of nori. For my very first item, I chose to create Tako or Octopus. The other three Nigiri pieces will be in production soon! These will all be listed in my new section:
The other parts of the cat still in the bag will also be in production soon, if not already. I have a lot of irons in the fire right now so I'm staying busy and having fun creating which is what all of this is about.
As for the Twin Peaks series, I'm learning that by watching more and more of the second season I think I'm in turn liking it more and more. We'll see though. Don't want to jump the gun on any split-second opinions!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knitting Movie Arsenal

I love knitting [an obvious statement I know]. I also love movies. Good movies - you know, the kind of film that radiates a sort of vibe or feeling right off the screen. Sometimes this is in connection with childhood. For instance, my favorite Disney movie was 'Alice in Wonderland' as I was never the "Princess Type". I cannot tell you how many hours I've spent knitting to that masterpiece. It is still a favorite selection in my Knitting Movie Arsenal.

And then there are the terrible B movies. But I love those too! Horrific scripts, disappointing actors, multiple continuity errors - a la Plan 9 From Outer Space. A lot of these movies have an underground cult following which I seem to gravitate to and eventually become part of.

Another example outside of Ed Wood's filmography is John Waters' work. A lot of people do not enjoy Waters' early cinematic ventures as the films often feature violence and carnage in a whimsical but shocking way - Pink Flamingos, anyone? Looking to his work from 1988 and on, his directing became sort of mainstream with titles such as Hairspray [the original], Cry-Baby, Serial Mom, Pecker, Cecil B. DeMented and A Dirty Shame.
So to the point of this post: I've decided to start writing about any movie
or television show I watch while knitting/crafting/creating that "speaks to me" or radiates that vibe off of the screen. For my very first review, for lack of a better term, it's the Twin Peaks T.V. series.

All of this week I've been watching back-to-back episodes of the show Twin Peaks. Now, I remember this little gem from director David Lynch [another favorite weird and creepy commander of the screen] from 1990 when my parents were watching this "scary show" that I wasn't allowed to see. I was 8 years old so brutal murders, constant adultery and weird hauntings that plagued a sleepy little town was not on my "okay to watch before bed" list.

The point of the show is to figure out who exactly killed Laura Palmer, a teenage girl who washed up on the river bank in Twin Peaks. The first season was solid. Full of mystery, suspense and there was enough intrigue to keep it interesting. Once the killer was revealed, it kind of left me thinking "Okay why should I care anymore?" It felt like the show was trying to convince me to stay interested by playing up the characters I've come to know and throwing out weird flashes of spookiness two to three times an episode.

Even while the show was still focused on who the killer was in the first season, there were some irrelevant scenes too. For example, there is a trio of characters, James, Donna and Maddie, who are all hanging out and recording a song. No mention of getting together to make music or any of the three having dreams of making it big in the singer/songwriter industry. James is playing a guitar while all three are singing these mumbled lyrics about love. The point of the scene was to show that there was chemistry between James and Maddie while really Donna is James' girl. I thought it was a little silly, to be honest.

But, all in all, I love this series. Parts can make me cringe, but not enough to make me want to turn it off. Going back to that vibe I was writing about earlier, this show has it. There are certain scenes that make me want to put something else on because I'm watching these movies/shows by myself and my skin starts to crawl. I get freaked out over some of this stuff! One of the many reason I love David Lynch.

I have about half of the second season left and then I'll watch Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, a full length feature which I've also seen before. It's a prequel to the series. Far more creepier but that's Mr. Lynch! Oh, there's also this character named the Log Lady. If you look into this series, she has these 2 minute dialogs talking cryptically about the mystery surrounding Laura's death and the whole entire town.

Oh, and if you want to see David Duchovny in drag, I suggest this series. It doesn't come until the second season, but it's interesting. Or you could just Google it.

What do YOU like to do while you knit or craft or create? Are you a movie watcher too? Or do you prefer music? Are you a social crafter?

Friday, September 17, 2010

One More And A Blog Hop, Too!

Zombie Hand Productions has been featured in another gorgeous sushi-themed treasury! Curated by FurButtons, "Sushi For The Soul" is a collection of a cat collar, magnets, a bento box, a Halloween costume and nail art among other listings.

Some sushi items that I think are particularly awesome:

Delicious Sushi... Ebi Nigiri... Baby Halloween Costume... Newborn to Toddler...

Very cute costume idea for Halloween! This item comes in either Ebi [shrimp-orange] or Tamago [egg-yellow] and is available for adults as well.

Being a vegan myself, I always appreciate animal-free items! And it's a sushi lookalike too? Excellent!

What an amazing shop! All of the items are one-of-a-kind and are made "...using only locally and sustainably harvested or salvaged hardwoods, finished with organic olive oil." This is definitely a new favorite of mine as I love to support any business making an effort towards sustainability. Not to mention the inspiring well-crafted works. Be sure to check out their shop!

***Entries for the Free Custom Sushi Roll Pillow Giveaway I'm hosting will be accepted until Monday, September 20, 2010, Midnight EST. Go here for details!***

***The New Filling Contest where you could win a Free Custom Sushi Roll Pillow is going on until September 30, 2010. Go here to post your suggestions***

Also, check this out!

I'm a part of my first ever Blog Hop! It's a neat way to stumble upon different blogs that you don't know about! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Sushi Treasury!

That's right! I received an Etsy conversation from familyembers
the curator of the latest treasury I've been featured in: I LOVE SUSHI!

Other featured seller items include: soap, candles, a fun dish, baby bib, felt playset, art prints, beads, earrings and slippers among other listings. Be sure to click the link and comment to get us on the front page!

In other news on this glorious Thursday, I've been having a lot of great ideas for my shop lately. I've already set the ground work for expansion of product lines and off-shoots of Zombie Hand Productions, so these notions will be added to that. But really it's the sensation you feel after getting a great idea that's truly inspiring. That gut feeling of excitement hits you and you can't wipe the resulting smile off of your face. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?
I've learned to keep a pen and paper by the bed because I usually wake up with these concepts mingled with fading dreams and if I don't write them down right away, they're gone forever. So that's what's been happening for the past week and a half or so. It's a good feeling to have.

And with that, I must bid a warm adieu and wish everyone a very happy and successful Thursday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's 5:59 AM

Good Morning! I just found out my grandfather made it through surgery that the doctors were not optimistic about at all. So I felt the need to blog about it and share with the world that it did not lose one of the kindest men on Earth.

As of now, that is all!

Nothing says awesome like a "Happy Days" cartoon still

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sushi Please Treasury

I was just notified that Zombie Hand Productions has been featured in a yummy sushi-themed treasury! Put together by LittleMommaErin, this treasury entitled 'Sushi Please' includes sushi soap, jewelry, clothing, super cute slippers and candles.

An item I thought particularly impressive is this Candy Dessert Sushi by deathbycupcake. I love the variety in this shop too. Everything looks delicious!

So be sure to check out the treasury and the Candy Dessert Sushi!!!

Blogger Seems To Be Under The Weather...

Blogger isn't letting my comment back so I'll do it here!

Music: Thank you on your congratulations for my Etsy shop 2 year anniversary. That was very thoughtful of you!

Blogger is also acting funny with placement of widgets and pages. Maybe I should make Blogger some soup or some other comfort food. Probably won't do any good as it is a computer platform that shouldn't be spoon fed liquids :(
It is Tuesday, September 14th. The weather is gorgeous here in San Diego this morning. I am pumped up for some crafting and ready for some experimenting. Like the Hulk. And his experimental scientist counterpart, Bruce Banner.

I read too many comics
As I'm still working on the Secret Sushi Project, my hands have been all over the place, working fast and furiously between knitting up pillows, cutting, pasting, sewing and constantly asking Chaz to critique my work. That last part doesn't work so well. He just kind of looks at me and says "It's good" in a very monotone voice. I can't get anything else out of him. Maybe he's afraid of triggering a reaction if he says the wrong thing? Probably playing it safe.

Is it wrong I sometimes see my husband as Krusty the Klown?
Anyhow, it can be frustrating when he's the only person I know here in San Diego. He's my go-to guy. We're both busy people. I could make time to meet others but as any Etsier knows, now is the time to start building stock for the holiday shopping season. I learned this the hard way last year. I was not prepared and I missed out on a lot of sales.

So I guess I'm just going to keep on doing what I'm doing. I do have to keep telling myself that it takes a little tweaking on an item before you get it just right...and it may never be as perfect as you think it should be. That's an artist's dilemma. Perfection is essentially unattainable. But getting as close as you can, is not :)

Have a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday everyone!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hi My Name Is Natalie & I Have A Confession To Make

I am in LOVE with before-and-after makeovers of rooms. Mainly on design blogs that give a little information about the inspiration behind the change. It makes me want to spend a lot of time, effort and money transforming our current living space. This is where it gets depressing...

We rent. We always have. And possibly always will. I just don't see us settling down and buying a home. Too grownup and an unsure investment at this stage in the game. So we're here in San Diego with a rented room. It is pretty big actually. There is a TON of potential in this space. But who knows how long we'll be here for? And I'm not so sure how welcoming the owner is about changes being made to the house.

Anyhow, I thought I would blog about a couple of places of inspiration for sprucing up living quarters. There's a ton of neat stuff to read about and lots of awesome pictures to ogle at on these blogs. I find them to be inspiring even though I may not be able to do anything to our space right now. Enjoy!

FREE Custom Hand-Knit Sushi Roll Pillow© Giveaway!

I write this on the 7 year anniversary of meeting my now-husband. What a wonderful and crazy adventure it has been so far. Now I can't wait to see what's in store for us next!

Anyhow, things are going really well! I'm creating and knitting up a storm, still working on the Secret Sushi Project, delving into new material and expanding the sections in my shop.

In the midst of all of this, I am currently in the middle of a contest I'm holding [as you may have read about here]. Today I received an offer to sponsor a giveaway on a review and giveaway blog
I am offering a FREE Custom Large Vegan Hand-Knit Sushi Roll Pillow© to the winner! Go to her blog now for the details!

So, as September is such a celebratory month [Zombie Hand turned 2 & my anniversary] this is the perfect month for holding a contest and a giveaway!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Just Another Day...

The sounds of the Happy Birthday song have died away. Brightly colored streamers and festive coned hats with attached elastic have all been tucked away for next year. Now that the celebration for Zombie Hand Productions turning 2 is done, it's just another day. Party's over.

I didn't go to the extreme of throwing an actual party. Besides, only Chaz would have been there with me as we haven't really lived here long enough to have met any actual people. But it did feel good knowing that in the 2 years I have been in business, I managed to create something people actually want in their lives. It's a good feeling. A genuine feeling of accomplishment.

So now back to the grind. With September already into the double digits in date, it won't be long until October gets here. And then November. And then, well you get the point.

So Happy Saturday everyone! Stay safe and be well.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Zombie Hand!

It it my pleasure to announce that in honor of Zombie Hand Prod
uctions turning 2 years old, I'm offering FREE U.S. SHIPPING on everything in the shop!

We were living in Colorado in a town that borders Denver. I wasn't really sure what I was going to fill my shop with but the creative juices were definitely flowing. I made everything from
Dia de los Muertos magnets for Halloween

to Alice in Wonderland sculptures.

[there's a Hammer Bird sculpture I did as well but the picture is being ridiculously stubborn. Go here to check it out]

Once I taught myself to knit, the possibilities opened up. Soon, my Hand-Knit Sushi Roll Pillows© were born and I love what I do. Plus, they make people really happy :)

So, have an excellent Friday you big, bright, bold world!

It's Gonna Be A Bright Sunshiny Day

In the wake of being fired, I feel refreshed, energized and inspired. So, I've been creating and working with my hands and doing a lot of thinking about the path that has landed me here.

It has been a long and winding road, full of surprises and failures and hurt and hope and anger and confusion and simple bliss.

With our new scanner, I've been going through old photos and I came across some of the stuff from Flint, MI. The origin of the name of my business comes from there and so does the roots and foundation of my relationship with my husband.

You really never know yourself [or your partner] until you're dumpster diving for your dinner out of need. Not because you're following some fad or trend.

Anyhow, I've posted some pictures on the "Why 'Zombie Hand Productions'?" page which if you haven't read it, I suggest you do. It tells of a fun night spent in the Flint House and is now accompanied by pictures!

So everyone, be well on this lovely Thursday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You're Fired!

So for the first time in my employment history, I was

Yeah. On my day off. Over the phone. At 9:58 AM. The reasons were kind of muddled but I could tell it wasn't performance related. Our personalities definitely clashed. I dreaded going to work during my time off because of the thought of her lording over me, which is no way to live your life. The owner stumbled around the words but basically she was saying "We don't get along and I can tell you're not going to kiss up to me."

Oh well.

But every cloud has a silver lining. I texted Chaz and he called me right after he got off work. He calmed me down and told me everything would be okay. And I believe him.

He actually prefers me creating and being at home which is what I love doing anyhow. He told me he would rather I be happy and we have less money that me be miserable and both of us working.

So, Zombie Hand Productions is once again my full time gig! A good thing too. I was not prepared at all last year for the holiday shopping season. I could have done better by being more prepared so that is what I'm focusing on right now.

So, hello again!

I did learn, however, that I want a parakeet. It's been 20 years since the one I had as a kid and working there for a week reminded me how awesome birds are!

Have a Happy Hump Day everyone!

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Sushi Roll Filling Contest Continues

Hi all! My new sushi roll filling contest continues to the end of this month. So far, there are 12 suggestions in! Go here to enter!

I started a large carrot filling last night after work. That will for sure be done today and hopefully two more along with it by tonight. I do have to go to the laundry mat at some point so that's time to kill with knitting right there.

On the Purring Parrot front, I got to hand feed sweet potato banana mash to Sydney [cockatoo], Merlin [blue and gold macaw], Sunny [green wing] and Cisco [sunrise conure?] yesterday. It was very cool! I'm getting more comfortable with the birds and the owners told me they have confidence in me which goes a long way too.

Other than knitting and laundry, my day off is going to be pretty mellow. I hope everyone has a lovely Friday. Be safe and be well!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Nothing new on the sushi roll pillow front. But, success has come to me through the new job...

There is always something mandatory at a job. At the Purring Parrot, it is this:

These birds are opportunists and will take advantage of your turned back in an instance! So obviously, that makes me a bit wary. And then on top of that, my first interview with my now-employer, a now ex-employee told me he got bit by one of the almost-always boarding cockatoos.

That cockatoo is Nugget.

Nugget is lively and a lot of long as he doesn't bite. Well today I got to scratch him on his head and he was totally cool with it. As I learned in the training video, all birds have signs to let you know when to back off. No one should have any scars from bites from birds. You just have to be aware.

Now that I've petted Nugget, used step-up sticks for the blue & gold and green-wing macaws [Merlin and Sunny] and had Pepper, a cockatiel, step up onto my hand, I'm feeling better and better about working with the birds at the Purring Parrot.

Once I get settled into working there a bit more, I'll be able to really schedule my schedule and add in Zombie Hand Productions time when I can!

Happy Hump Day!