Friday, October 29, 2010

Uh Oh!

Holy shittake! I can't believe I've only posted ONCE this entire month! Shame on me. But, enough with the negatives. There's a reason why I've been neglecting this blog.

Chaz and I have started a new project that has been taking up quite a bit of our time. It's called Organarchy and it's really exciting. It's good to have something you're passionate about in your life, so when you're significant other is on that same level with you, it's kind of like a new high.

Our basic goals with Organarchy is to help those looking to try veganism. We were once SAD [Standard American Diet] eaters and found it to be a bit overwhelming when transitioning to eating this way. We're also offering kitchen tutorials, recipes, lessons about the body [and what eating SAD does to it] and tons of other stuff. We're not here to preach; we're here to help.

So yeah. You can check it out HERE and if you're interested or if you have any questions, leave a comment, subscribe to the blog or email me directly at:

I have also been considering opening a new shop specifically for the sushi roll pillows and keeping Zombie Hand as a place for my knitted/crocheted wearables. We'll see!

Hope everyone has a HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!

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