Sunday, August 15, 2010

New State, New Designs

We have moved for the 17th time since 2004. This time feels like the right time. I don't think I've ever been able to honestly say that. We are now living in San Diego, Ocean Beach to be specific, in a very environmentally-friendly communal house.

My workspace has tripled, I have storage for every last bit of yarn in my stash and there a gigantic desk for me to work at. Things are still so new they seem surreal. Ecstatic is the only adjective that comes to mind when describing feelings associated with this place.

There is this awesome food co-op we joined yesterday that's a block and 1/4 from our house. The beach is a short 5 minute walk away at most and the weather is perfect. Just perfect.

I feel creativity swirling inside of me like a hurricane gaining momentum. There is so much to design and create and plan and knit, and, and, and...

I do miss the farm and the animals and the people in North Carolina. But, things are what they are. We are here now and I am fully embracing the move, the change and the atmosphere.

I only have two small pillows in stock right now so I'll be knitting my fingers off to get the numbers back up. I also have a few sushi restaurants I'm talking with about wholesaling so I'll be busy for awhile.

Keep an eye out for new designs including a Kid and Pet section in my shop!

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