Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Want Free Shipping On Your Next Order?

So Chaz and I still seem to be in vacation mode as he doesn't start work until Thursday and I don't have my working interview until tomorrow. This can make getting things done difficult when you're in that frame of mind.

Alas, all vacays must come to an end. We're going to the beach in a bit and then we'll mosey on down to the Ocean Beach Peoples Food Co-op. I love that place! Very friendly staff, wonderful selection and the best darn vegan bagels I have ever tasted!

I didn't end up finishing that "nori" piece yesterday. Possibly today. We'll see. It's hard when you have all of this yummy delicious yarn to work with and you start a project for yourself or someone close to you. But, the pillow will get done. It always does.

My "I just moved across the country" sale ends at midnight tonight [Pacific Time].

I'm really looking for people to sign up for my newsletter I'm trying to get off the ground here. So, if you're interested in sales, new products I'm working on, reviews, other Etsy member highlights and fun sushi facts, email me your email address here:

US residents who sign up for the newsletter before September 30, 2010 will receive
FREE SHIPPING! Outside of the US, I will reduce shipping by 50%!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Tuesday!

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