Friday, September 3, 2010

New Sushi Roll Filling Contest Continues

Hi all! My new sushi roll filling contest continues to the end of this month. So far, there are 12 suggestions in! Go here to enter!

I started a large carrot filling last night after work. That will for sure be done today and hopefully two more along with it by tonight. I do have to go to the laundry mat at some point so that's time to kill with knitting right there.

On the Purring Parrot front, I got to hand feed sweet potato banana mash to Sydney [cockatoo], Merlin [blue and gold macaw], Sunny [green wing] and Cisco [sunrise conure?] yesterday. It was very cool! I'm getting more comfortable with the birds and the owners told me they have confidence in me which goes a long way too.

Other than knitting and laundry, my day off is going to be pretty mellow. I hope everyone has a lovely Friday. Be safe and be well!

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