Friday, September 17, 2010

One More And A Blog Hop, Too!

Zombie Hand Productions has been featured in another gorgeous sushi-themed treasury! Curated by FurButtons, "Sushi For The Soul" is a collection of a cat collar, magnets, a bento box, a Halloween costume and nail art among other listings.

Some sushi items that I think are particularly awesome:

Delicious Sushi... Ebi Nigiri... Baby Halloween Costume... Newborn to Toddler...

Very cute costume idea for Halloween! This item comes in either Ebi [shrimp-orange] or Tamago [egg-yellow] and is available for adults as well.

Being a vegan myself, I always appreciate animal-free items! And it's a sushi lookalike too? Excellent!

What an amazing shop! All of the items are one-of-a-kind and are made "...using only locally and sustainably harvested or salvaged hardwoods, finished with organic olive oil." This is definitely a new favorite of mine as I love to support any business making an effort towards sustainability. Not to mention the inspiring well-crafted works. Be sure to check out their shop!

***Entries for the Free Custom Sushi Roll Pillow Giveaway I'm hosting will be accepted until Monday, September 20, 2010, Midnight EST. Go here for details!***

***The New Filling Contest where you could win a Free Custom Sushi Roll Pillow is going on until September 30, 2010. Go here to post your suggestions***

Also, check this out!

I'm a part of my first ever Blog Hop! It's a neat way to stumble upon different blogs that you don't know about! Enjoy!


  1. hooray! thanks for joining the hop! you have a new follower!

  2. um that baby costume is so freaking ADORABLE! i need to have a baby just so i can have it. HA!
    Have a fantastic weekend!!

  3. @Tsuki: Thanks for following! The Blog Hop is sooo much fun!!!

    @Panda: I know! I about lost it when I saw that cute costume!

  4. Eee, super cute sushi items!

    And yay, I hopped here via the Little Gray Fox.