Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Nothing new on the sushi roll pillow front. But, success has come to me through the new job...

There is always something mandatory at a job. At the Purring Parrot, it is this:

These birds are opportunists and will take advantage of your turned back in an instance! So obviously, that makes me a bit wary. And then on top of that, my first interview with my now-employer, a now ex-employee told me he got bit by one of the almost-always boarding cockatoos.

That cockatoo is Nugget.

Nugget is lively and a lot of long as he doesn't bite. Well today I got to scratch him on his head and he was totally cool with it. As I learned in the training video, all birds have signs to let you know when to back off. No one should have any scars from bites from birds. You just have to be aware.

Now that I've petted Nugget, used step-up sticks for the blue & gold and green-wing macaws [Merlin and Sunny] and had Pepper, a cockatiel, step up onto my hand, I'm feeling better and better about working with the birds at the Purring Parrot.

Once I get settled into working there a bit more, I'll be able to really schedule my schedule and add in Zombie Hand Productions time when I can!

Happy Hump Day!

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