Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You're Fired!

So for the first time in my employment history, I was

Yeah. On my day off. Over the phone. At 9:58 AM. The reasons were kind of muddled but I could tell it wasn't performance related. Our personalities definitely clashed. I dreaded going to work during my time off because of the thought of her lording over me, which is no way to live your life. The owner stumbled around the words but basically she was saying "We don't get along and I can tell you're not going to kiss up to me."

Oh well.

But every cloud has a silver lining. I texted Chaz and he called me right after he got off work. He calmed me down and told me everything would be okay. And I believe him.

He actually prefers me creating and being at home which is what I love doing anyhow. He told me he would rather I be happy and we have less money that me be miserable and both of us working.

So, Zombie Hand Productions is once again my full time gig! A good thing too. I was not prepared at all last year for the holiday shopping season. I could have done better by being more prepared so that is what I'm focusing on right now.

So, hello again!

I did learn, however, that I want a parakeet. It's been 20 years since the one I had as a kid and working there for a week reminded me how awesome birds are!

Have a Happy Hump Day everyone!

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